Type 1 Diabetes Snacks

Best Packaged Snacks for People Living with Diabetes

Finding healthy and glucose-friendly snack options can be difficult for someone living with diabetes.

When snacking, you want to make sure that your snack has low carbs, high fiber, low fat and high protein. 

Many of the packaged snacks in the stores do not offer these nutrients and can be unhealthy.

Below is a list of some packaged snacks that are blood sugar friendly for those living with diabetes.

  1. Catalina Crunch Cereal 

Catalina Crunch was founded by someone who has Type 1 Diabetes, so you can be comfortable eating their food options. The Cinnamon Toast Cereal is very delicious and a great option for a cereal substitute or a snack. 

      2. Bubba's Keto Nut Mix

Bubba's Nut Mix is a great snack, especially for on the go! It's nice to carry with you while out and about as it fits nicely in small bags or purses. It's also delicious! So many flavor options available for anytime of day. 

      3. Munk Pack Keto Granola Bars

These granola bars are perfect for traveling. Easy to fit in all bags for when you're on the go. They offer a few different flavors, while Peanut Butter is the best. Great for sporting events as well.

      4. Quevos Egg Chips

Quevos Egg Chips are the best for a quick, blood sugar friendly snack. They are also absolutely delicious. Perfect to throw in a lunch bag or take in the car with you on a trip. 

While snacking with diabetes can sometimes be a challenge, these 4 snacks above help make snacking easier! You deserve to snack guilt-free!


Samantha Farley
Founder & CEO 
Type 1 Tribe 

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